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  1. This weeks question we put to our readers, is the Bear Market over? Many analysts are calling this the bottom, but the are plenty of arguments to suggest it is not, whether your are using TA, speculation, fundamentals or a bit of them all, we want to hear your thoughts on when the Bulls will return, if at all?
  2. It is by far the most common question we receive, How do I buy Cryptocurrency in Australia? This article will be edited and added to over time because there are a number of avenues one can take to purchase Crypto, and these are ever changing. However, as a beginner, you can't go past Coinspot as your initial entry point into investing and trading in Cryptocurrency, it is arguably where most recent Aussie Crypto Investors started. Seasoned investors will suggest other avenues to avoid fees, however, the reality is those fees do work out quite similar and alternative processes can be q
  3. What is Crypto? - It is a popular question, and it is the one we start off our Question & Answer section with. Q&A is your place to ask questions and get informative answers back, users will vote for the best answers and in turn, they will be bumped to the top! Be sure to help others and provide the answers to their questions, in the future we will have rewards and giveaways for our top contributors So go ahead, What is Crypto?.
  4. Welcome to the CryptoFind Australia forums! Place your welcome messages here, introduce yourself, tell us as little or as much as you like, maybe even give your favourite Crypto a plug. The first 25 members to post here will gain 'Founding Member' status for life.
  5. Strap yourselves in, 2018 is going to be crazy for crypto!
  6. Hello and Welcome to CryptoFind Australia! We are a group of Crypto enthusiasts and professionals that are set to see Australia lead the way in embracing what Cyrpto has to offer. We have a stack of information & services on the way to introduce Australian's into Crypto, as well as empower users with tools and information regardless if you are a new to Crypto or a seasoned trader. The forums are our first tool, free for all to use, here we hope you will find great Crypto related information & discussion with like-minded investors, enthusiasts and professionals. So
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