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  1. We are heading down to this tonight, hope to see some of you there.
  2. Speculation and profiting from crypto is all well and good, but the bigger picture is solving real world problems. It's what we need to see before crypto is accepted by masses. I was prompted to start this topic after reading this article: https://www.iotahardware.com/iota-flash-hackathon - winners-announced/ Paying for WiFi is a good one, so is a smart home or car paying for goods and services. So, what real world projects are you excited about in the crypto space? There is a stack of hopes and dreams out there, but what is actually happening now, or close to?
  3. For as long as there is no regulation and there are a select few that run these sorts of services, crypto will remain very centralised and controlled by a minority. Regulation and competition are desperately needed.
  4. I'll kick off! Jon, from Sydney. I've been messing about with Crypto since 2013, (only wishing I invested much more!), and have stepped up the involvement kicking off CryptoFind, co-founding it with my mate Pete. I'm set on introducing everyday people to Crypto and not just as an investment, for the everyday uses and benefits it can provide.
  5. Carrying on for a recent 'CryptoFindOfficial' Telegram discussion... Interested to hear everyone's thoughts on Crypto & Taxes. Concerns are when to report and pay tax, based on trading or purely on pulling profits? Accountants, do they or even the ATO themselves even understand the rules? Using services like Living Room of Satoshi to avoid paying taxes and the possibility of tax havens, or lower tax alternative and countries. Speaking of which here is an interesting article on that: https://coinsutra.com/tax-free-bitcoin-countries/
  6. Article: https://www.finder.com.au/bitconnect-gets-issued-an-emergency-cease-desist
  7. Happy New Year Crypto Pals. 2017 was pretty big but I think we all know that 2018 is going to be boom time for crypto! To the moon!
  8. SMH article worth sharing: http://www.smh.com.au/business/bitcoin-tensions-rise-as-investors-claim-banks-freezing-their-accounts-20171229-p4yy3z.html
  9. Jon Ovington

    Oh yeah!

    Welcome, Tyson! Here is hoping we have a great reference for Australian crypto-related discussion we can always come back to and reference easily!
  10. It's the topic of the moment with the big banks freezing accounts and reversing payments, getting your fiat into crypto. Let's hear some success and horror stories, and work out the best way to get your hard earned money into crypto trouble free & safely. Coinbase, BTC Markets, Coinspot, Coinjar, Independent Reserve... they all have reasonably good platforms but I know I am not the only one that has had some kind of hiccup with at least a few of those at some stage.
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