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  1. Here is my 2 cents during the current pullback in crypto. Remember to stay strong during this dip. Don't look at blockfolio, spend time with your family doing things you used to do before crypto overtook your life! lol These dips only strengthen the overall market and prepare for the correction! Crypto isn't going anywhere and we are merely experiencing the motions of trends. Lots of newbies panic sell during these times and get crushed by the whales. We've seen it over and over. Don't be a victim and look forward to the rebound which isn't far away.
  2. This one looks really exciting! But I think a lot of ICO's are now dominated by big syndicates making it difficult for individuals to invest. Anyway, I'll be jumping on TON asap! By the way, awesome forum! Its like the Aussie version of BitcoinTalk!
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