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  1. lol, what u will text here? i just want to know opinions about t?
  2. And what u can say about this one https://firstcryptobroker.com/en/? i just collecting opinions. That just for me :-)
  3. Howdy, Wanna left u some Interesting webpages, Which one do u like? https://thecryptoosoftware.com/ https://cryptaadv.com/
  4. Michael Bo

    Oh yeah!

    do u have any you tube chanel?
  5. Oh, forgot, if u wanna some advices, u can check some education posts
  6. Howdy, What websites a u use now, lets create the local top list; i`ll start: -Pratconi.com -littinvest -EXMO
  7. Howdy, This is realy great. I`ve been working with Pratconi.com for a month now
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